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Dennes Hernandez (take420)
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About this user:  I am a movie buff particulary in conspiracy /action films having multi-layered plots and a possible back stories that may or may not come together thus leaving it to the imagination... (three days of the Condor; slow burn, the libertine, swimming with sharks, the swimming pool, AMC tv series: Breaking Bad, Mad men, Rubicon, Inception, The Bourne Identity trilogy David Benioff is one of my favorites right now, Quentin Tarantino (sometimes) I enjoyed his Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Bastards; Woody Harrelson, Martin Scorcese, Sylvestor Stallone.... I intend to update this periodically as there are a plethora of writing geniuses....


Challenge: Summer Haiku

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Submission Date: 07/25/2010    
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